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Nokia Siemens

Nokia Siemens Networks ( NokiaSiemensNetworks ) has been in the communications network equipment industry struggled to gain, now with Chinese competitors ZTE Huawei manufacturers because of political issues and privacy in the United States suffocate suffocate Nokia Lumia, NSN aims at American market.

NSN is composed of Oyj and AG Nokia Siemens held in common. On the CEO radev, Suri ( RajeevSuri ) said last week, it was gradually abandoned in Africa and the Middle East less profitable market, turned to aim at the United States of america. In gradually shrink communications network equipment in the industry, with the AT&T and other operators to continuously expand the network capacity plastic bag manufacturer , the market demand is still rising in the United States of america.

Suri has served on CEO for four years, he has been trying to find out the company's strength. NSN last week issued quarterly quarterly sales and profit from last year are on the rise. China 's communications equipment company ZTE and Huawei in global profitable, but now faces the United States market orders to drop solar panel supplier, this is the United States government to spy investigation initiated in the United States market value.

" The industry is a competitive place, " Su said in Munich, the United States " there is no doubt that we will win the next opportunity. "

Communications network equipment upgrading can make consumer more fluent viewed on a mobile device, network video and browse webpage. On a quarter in the Asia Pacific region sales rose 29%, mainly from Korea and japan. The North American sales fell 6% NSN is now trying to put more marketing funds solar module manufacturer, as well as more accurate market positioning data business needs to save the situation.

company through

In the LED lamp technology, current control of LED is very important one annulus, in order to reduce the influence caused by voltage shifting current LED injuries associated with light, usually for LED power supply constant current design, but very few people to care about the problems caused by voltage.

LED usually voltage is 3V~3.3V, along with the current change of height LED brightness changes, another is from the city of AC220V to buck to 3V, the intermediate pressure is too large to generate power heat becomes hot, and the same voltage reaches a certain W watts,overseastudyhk means that the current will be increase, while the large current is the main cause of fever of LED lights, LED light bulbs are mostly used on the market low pressure, high current design method, so in this design method the LED lamp photoelectric conversion efficiency is too low, the LED heating degree, also declined quickly.

Carbo lighting company through the introduction of a new generation of High Voltage high voltage HV LED bulb, using a high voltage, low current power supply design, and joined the constant flow design, reached a small power consumption, high brightness of 95% photoelectric conversion efficiency.

Carbo lighting company through the introduction of a new generation of HV LED bulbs, LED bulbs than the general market more economical in 30%, so the brightness also promoted 30%.

The 2012 LED industry the meeting of wind and clouds, fierce fighting was going on. Along with the national, local policies continue to emerge and the industry gradually deepening, the strong tide stand, the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore. As the largest package Limited by Share Ltd ( hereinafter referred to as enterprise wood Linsen wood ) in a new round of the competition showed amazing energy, PAR38 Bulbdab5d63ck in the channel construction, quality control, price guide, hold first machine.

Business enterprises have

In the face of the LED product is uneven, some good and some bad situation in the market, quality of the maintenance of corporate image, to ensure the healthy and orderly development of the industry the most important weapon. Mlinson adhere to the "pragmatic " and "good faith " to do the high concept, is committed to providing the highest quality products and services. They spend several hundred million yuan in total, from abroad to introduce the most advanced LED automated production, R & D equipment and process control technology, automation of production and R & D level enhancement, the wood to the " high " and "high quality" and " efficient" rapid development stage. At the same time wood Linsen actively seeking to work with foreign manufacturers and technical cooperation, and Philips lumen Lumileds officially formed a strategic partnership, according to the Lumileds MLS high-end positioning devoted to the supply of high-quality LED chip products.A19 Light Bulbs In addition, they are also associated with the Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute carried out close cooperation, solve LED lamps in the structural design, exterior design, thermal design and many other structural problems. As everyone knows, the white light attenuation and radiation problem is LED in development to promote the process of the biggest bottleneck. Mu Linsen set up a dedicated R & D team, using the most high grade heat transfer performance of the metal material and the resin, with self-developed anti-aging process, effectively solve the problem of heat dissipation of light attenuation and. After this life light test display, product lit 10000 hours attenuation rate is less than 5%, far higher than the industry standard.

annual production

Qatar solar technology company ( Qatar Solar Technologies, QSTec ) recently signed a memorandum of understanding, committed to Qatar utilities Kahramaa in photovoltaic distribution support.

Qatar solar technology company ( QSTec ) will be in Qatar industrial city RAS Laffan ( Ras Laffan ) to build a $1000000000 polysilicon manufacturing plant.solar panel supplierPolysilicon annual production capacity of 8000 tonnes, but according to the plan, as demand increases will expand the plant yield. Eventually the polysilicon annual production capacity of more than 45000 tons, while the plant planning is the seamless integration of silicon ingots, silicon, solar cell and solar module.

Qatar solar technology company says, want only from the polysilicon production to produce photovoltaic modules, and plan " in the near future " can be exported to other parts of the globe. The company is a joint venture, Qatar solar ( Qatar Solar ), Germany SolarWorld AG and Qatar Development Bank building.

Nowadays, in Qatar has some of the projects began to use solar energy. Qatar National food safety program is planning to use solar energy for sea water desalination plants to provide power, and World Cup 2022 will become the first " carbon neutral " World Cup,solar module manufacturerdab4d61ck and will use solar energy for stadiums and fans zone air conditioning facilities to provide electric energy. In addition, the solar energy science and technology company's parent company -- the Qatar Foundation ( Qatar Foundation ) is also planning a number of projects, such as the Qatar National Conference Center, a new student dormitory area and real estate developers Msheireb Properties projects will use a certain proportion of the solar.


1992: Nixon comeback

American public radio reported that, because of the " Watergate " and the resignation of former president Nixon has announced a comeback, compete for the presidency. The program also broadcast a " Nixon" speech, the announcement of his return, saying "never missed anything done ". After the show, the audience reacted strongly, have to make calls to radio, the personnel revealed the truth: in fact, Nixon 's speech was the comedian.

1995: queen out uncle

In April 1, 1995, the British " independent " reported, there is a 65 year old farmer Welsh is queen Elizabeth S's grandfather George V's illegitimate child, in other words,wireless keyboard he has the power to the British throne. The report to the " Queen of the Kingdom under threat ", will be the farmer life describe rhythmical, also called the rightful heir to the throne to the local court proceedings, request to recapture this should own the right to inherit the throne.

1996: Jupiter found on biological

In those days also belongs to the emerging of Internet media, and soon joined the " fool's Day " false news makers ranks. In April 1st, " AOL " users log in to see the first news is :LED lightdab4d60ck government officials, on Jupiter have found biological. According to the report, the United States government had Jupiter biological evidence, but this news keep secret, " AOL " Mister and a famous biologist together to confirm this news reliability. The news on the Internet, the thread to achieve more than 1300, people have called to the relevant government departments for information.

1999: England National Anthem

BBC Radio fourth ( BBC ) report, British National Anthem " God save the Queen " for the EU "unified national anthem " instead, with Devin singing. The song " unified national anthem " by the music of Beethoven, BBC also broadcast by the British schoolchildren sang a version, and claimed that Prince Charles office also called radio claimed that the song's audio and video tapes.

2002: Bill Gate 's misfortune " "

In April 1st of that year, the Canadian province of Quebec in Montreal City, a French radio two comedy announcer, decided to find a " more difficult to cheat ." to "tin box manufacturer happy ", so they call the Microsoft Corp headquarters, claiming to be the Prime Minister of Canada office staff, want Gates to answer the call of Premier Christian.

Surprisingly, Gates's aides did not verify the identity of the other side is easily through phone call from my boss.

overall performance

In order to let love minimalist style image reader can quickly understand, we will according to the minimalist image composition, composition way to explain, so that readers can understand each element influence scope and use, cultivate your minimalist photographic sensitivity, take a stunning simple image.

The first step is to find the so-called simple

To take a simple feeling, image style, first of all, in order to make the images consistently aligned or appear neat and clean space, can make a more striking or attractive subject deeply hold you in my eyes, to put it bluntly, is to maintain the image of the simple, concise. Therefore in the shooting time, subjects made style that might affect the overall performance, to become the most powerful in the picture element.

Shoot and ideas at the same time,web camera manufacturerdab4d59ck we should to speculate that must stay on the screen, which is to remove the picture, after all, it is only in the homes. So, even though the subject matter does not include the whole picture, but does not mean do not need to blank or surrounding color to show images, so can let the perimeter of the body blank to form a strong overall sense of space difference, and makes the visual can be more intuitive feeling to go watch this works. Of course, if the shot accidentally debris placement screen also need not worry too much, try to those distractions or reduction after cutting, pure and clean image.

Using a macro lens to shoot water and leaves can also convey simple image perception.

Second step minimalist compositions trick

Presents a great works, in addition to trust in the attractive things, the minimalist style photo, another picture is the key to personal composition ability.

So how to shoot pictures carefully handle structure and arrangement, and find the optimum angle to create impact image, for each person will be a challenge.

To take great Jane style, we can be from three to start looking for mapping the so-called rules, to challenge it, even beyond it. In an aspect ratio of3:2 image, we can image cut into three equal parts, such as the illustration. The sea and the sky were taken 1/3and 2/3way for filming,webcam manufacturer and then in the 1/3placed a visual focus, enhance the overall image of the tension. In simple terms, as long as the finder will subject placed the key lines, can achieve enhanced vision, forming a interesting minimalist compositions. In addition, strong minimalist style not only by a large number of empty sky, sometimes also need to shape or line matching, somewhat similar to previously we mentioned geometric composition, there are many composition rules can be used to break, play out of feelings of self.

Sometimes the minimalist photography does not need much explanation of what to do, the clock to black and white style show can also is a kind of simple beauty.

But the reader needs to pay attention, when shooting suggested to ensure that focus on what you want image theme, and if the depth control slightly sure, may be large apertures are used to highlight the main body of shallow depth of field, so that the audience visits vision can be tightly attached to the object subject, enhance image visual effect tension, worthy of game player try to have a look.

In the straight pieces can also use the same techniques to create images, as long as a simple wing or sunset temple silhouette, can convey the extraordinary image.

Third saw the environment color

Color has been playing auxiliary image atmosphere of the role, while in the minimalist style of photography, color is not only a simple image atmosphere, sometimes, pcwebcameras.com is also the leading work style pattern, seize the audience visual important part.

In general, during the filming of minimalist style video, game player must learn to use the light in the scene to add color to find the color balance, complementary color, or with the contrast color, such as red with green, blue to orange, yellow with gray, is can let the screen suddenly light up color collocation, as well as many good works, is not only the composition or imaging arrangement of the atmosphere is very exciting, more fun can be images presented in color, can let the photos so are out of the ordinary.

Shot game player should be properly observed around the color element, look for those can be shot in color, it is best to bright lines of the main, good let the subject or background to highlight, become more vivid.

channel construction

High LED shopping mall is one of the few domestic professional LED lighting procurement platform, at the same time have their own line of sales consultants, customers only need to deliver the products to engineering LED shopping mall to sell. He Wenbin discloses, mall actually accomplish online purchase amount is not much, more through line bulk purchase to complete the transaction.

" Because of lack of customer on LED lighting energy-saving concept of understanding, just know, so these are required by the professional product sales consultants to assist the client to complete the transaction." At the same time, He Wenbin said, at present, online trading promotion also has certain problem.T8 LED TubeThat in itself has been the traditional line channel system of the enterprise, online sales price system to their original channel price system to be affected somewhat, so products in the system and two kinds of channel price system on internal are distinguished, can then online sales channel construction.

Online consumer groups partial younger80,90young generation is growing up for the consumption of the backbone, their spending habits are so Chinese retail market already some rules of the game change. According to the relevant agency statistics,75% of the online shopping consumers aged less than 34 years. This can also be interpreted as: young online shopping consumer stronger.

Liu Tong also confirmed this view, shares the same side of the earlier domestic sales through the Internet LED lighting business, in Taobao has its own lighting flagship store. He introduced, share the same online consumer partial younger, with80,90. The main reason is the" after 80growth, the network natural has a intimate relationship; secondly, new generation of the ability to accept new things more quickly, consumption of more fashion." At present, to share the same consumer groups more dispersed, single batch order is not too much, from a few to dozens of different.

At present in the retail business, LED is mainly applied to the new venue decoration. After 80become the main force in the purchase, in the selection of lighting fixtures,LED Bulb A19dab4d58ck lamps LED will become their preferred fashion.

Online sales are gradually improve, Liu Tong told the reporters, they also recognized that the electronic commerce will gradually become one of the main ways of the future LED retail. " Of course it does not exceed the entity store and supermarket scale, online sales still has its problems. Although more directly, the audience is big, but the consumers can't see the real, just across the screen in the transaction, no real experience, this is the consumer concerns. So short time electronic commerce will not exceed the entity store sales."

Development of electronic commerce is to represent the general trend. At present, enterprises should start to consider how online sales channel and traditional channel line together, formed a full range of three-dimensional marketing communication channel, drive line by line, line for line, form a good sales system.

" At present, the main problem to be solved is to popularize the knowledge of LED lighting products, and consumer habits." He Wenbin points out, future in80,90lead, the enterprise will pay attention to in the online collection of information and product procurement, online sales channels will become an indispensable marketing channel.

related departments

Taxation Bureau.
For tax registration certificate ( 2 weeks )
One, provide information: information required for your reference only, all the information provided by related departments.

1" business license" original, one copy each of the duplicates;

2" unified organizational code certificate" original, one copy each of the duplicates;

3" the capital verification report" original, one copy each of the duplicates;

4 articles of association or agreement or feasibility study report or book of the original contract, one copy each of the duplicates of 5; company legal

representative,Production House person in charge of Finance and taxation personnel" identity card", one copy each of the duplicates of the original;

6 the operation of the real property or the right to use or lease to prove ( affix stamp ), one copy each of the duplicates of the original.

Two, fill out the form submitted to the Council: the required steps for your reference only, all formalities related department operating.

Fill in the tax registration form and the other schedules, was signed by the Taxation Institute after together with the necessary materials to the tax bureau ( by relevant departments for examination and approval of print ), tax registration certificate and receive a tax registration certificate, tax bureau at end of process.

So far all the documents for the end, you pay for the costs after receiving all the relevant documents, and then go to your nearest bank for basic account and tax account ( related departments to provide for this business details and steps)
The follow-up procedure: ( of a total of 6, are in the office of Taxation to complete all formalities, the materials needed by the related departments and complete)

The 1 handle the tax registration: according to your company's situation, determine the nature of the company ( trade tax rate 4%, production 6%, service 5% ),bridgestone provide the relevant materials to fill out the relevant forms after a tax specialist;

2 for income tax income tax approved: usually the verification method, provide relevant information to fill out the relevant forms after a tax specialist;

3 for the stamp tax according to your business: the size of the company, to provide relevant information to complete the form to buy stamps;

4 for the taxpayer: according to your company's registration, to provide relevant information to complete the form after a tax specialist;

5 handle Banshui identification: to provide relevant information to complete the form after after a tax specialist, for your company staff Banshui documents;
For 6 of invoice subscription procedures: MotoGP according to your company required types of invoice, providing relevant information to complete the form after a tax Commissioner for invoice.

Establishment of process
One, choice of company form
Ordinary limited liability company, the minimum registered capital of 30000 yuan, 2 or more than 2 shareholders.

From 06 to January, the new company law, allowing the 1 shareholders of the registered limited liability company, this kind of special limited liability company also known as the " one person limited company" ( but the company name would have" one" word, license will be marked out on the" natural man single-owner investment" ), the minimum registered capital of 100000 yuan.

If only you a person as a shareholder,wireless keyboards choose one person limited, the minimum registered capital of 100000 yuan; if you and your friends, family partnership investment venture, choice of general limited company, the minimum registered capital of 30000 yuan.
In two, registered company information required

make place

Homepage frame and layout   The homepage layout may divide into “the country” approximately the font, the corner, “T” the font, “L” the font, the comprehensive frame, Flash, the change, did not do in here 11 elaborated. Actually in we make the design time excessively many have not considered any form, for instance we in a paper saw that to a circular's thing, very easy to be possible to associate it to look like the sun, but some people associate the moon and so on…This is one form analogy, most importantly holds the customer the demand,hong kong attractions grasps the website the localization to make place the reasonable frame layout.   1. Resolution

  The homepage overall width may divide into three kind of establishment forms: Percentage, picture element, picture element + percentage. Usually is most commonly used in the website construction by the picture element form, outside the profession website does not arrange in order. We in design homepage time will consider surely resolution question, what technological progress now we usually with will be 1024*768 and the 800*600 resolution, now in the network many are with to 778 picture element widths, will often cause the entire homepage under 800 resolution to constrain very much, some kind of air-tight feelings, this width will be actually refers to the 800*600 resolution the homepage widest width, will not represent the best vision, might as well will try 760~770 picture elements, no matter in 1024 will be under 800 resolution may achieve the good visual effect.   2. Reasonable advertisement

  (Springs the advertisement, the fluctuation advertisement, the big advertisement, the banner advertisement, the page-deep advertisement in the present some website's advertisement and so on…) lets the human think is very troublesome, as to does not want, sometimes your this website on,Hong Kong seo pr as the matter stands the website did not come under the serious influence, the advertisement not to achieve the advertisement the goal. These questions are we before designing the website need to consider, needs to plan one of contents.

The fluctuation advertisement has two kinds, the first kind is the advertisement which may fluctuate up and down in the homepage two side idle places, the second kind is the full screen everywhere random walk advertisement. The suggestion can use in the first kind of situation to use the first kind as far as possible, when the inevitable second kind of situation controls most one as far as possible in quantity good. If quantity will be excessively many immediate influence to user's psychology, against to be somebody's turn the user browsing information, will work just the opposite. The home page advertisement is not suitable excessively many moderate then. If should better not present excessively many other irrelevant contents in the registration or on some purchase step's page to let the user divert attention, avoids the customer outflow and so on…  

 3. spatial reasonable use   Many homepages have a characteristic, described with a character, that is “”, it various information like writing, the picture, the animation and so on will not consider to the page on, some how many pushes how many, does not perform the standard, causes when the browsing will meet many are not convenient, mainly will be the page primary and secondary does not divide, competes, or will not have with emphasis, will not have the very good classification, the whole looks like various hodgepodge. Lets thing which the human found with difficulty needs. Some are a blank loses balanced, may also use “to disperse” the character to describe.

the lamp source

Taiwan reaches the electricity on 17th to publish the new style LED light bulb, may save electricity 50% again compared to the present Phillips's light bulb, uses Jingdian high-pressured LED, had the European and American Big plant to express the interest, the first end of season (in March) hopes to go on the market. Taiwan reaches electricity Chairman Zheng Chonghua to indicate that Taiwan reached the electricity to start from 1983 to produce the power source supply, efficiency then only then 65%, Tips for jewellery already reached above 90%, Taiwan reached the electricity to pinch in the power source supply superiority, strided in the LED illumination industry, obtained including TUV and authentication and so on US gauge UL, the LED illumination product has been very complete, will then begin from the circuit and the brand sale, developed the market positively.

Taiwan reaches the electricity on 17th to hold 2011LED to illuminate the new product publication and the technical seminar, at the meeting issued that the global street light applies, the lamp source ball to soak, the construction application and the commercial multi-purpose illumination first and so on four big series conserves energy the LED flare source and the lamps and lanterns advanced. LED Tube Light Taiwan reached the electricity the stock price to drop 1 Yuan yesterday, to 138 Yuan. Taiwan reaches the electricity to display 29 kind of 62 item of LED to illuminate the new product and three kind of intelligent control system.

And the warm white light LED energy conservation light bulb, is Taiwan first use domestic product crystal grain and seals and surmounts each tile 100 lumen high efficiencies voluntarily the light bulb product. Taiwan reaches electricity solid state illumination services department place Yangtze River Wen Xing to indicate that according to European Union and US's stipulation, HTPC Keyboard the single light bulb takes 800 lumina only then to be possible to substitute for 60 tiles the incandescent lamp bulbs; Taiwan reaches electricity this 8 tiles the LED light bulb, has surpassed 800 lumina, compares the present Phillips to take 12 tiles to be able to do 800 lumina, enough has saved 50% electric powers.

Jingdian will conduct the grand tail tooth in the near future, because in 2010 the Jingdian earning will give creates new high the sharp result, Chairman Li Bingjie distributes the brave and proud words, if can achieve the customer to the crystal grain unit cost request, Jingdian in 2013 will become the whole world luminous efficiency first LED factory hopefully. Forecasts regarding 2011, the unauthorized biography corporate goal earning challenges 30% above growth, challenges historical new high continually.

Jingdian technically makes every effort to break through, in the near future will develop the global brightness brightest product,Android TV Keyboard the Jingdian laboratory high pressure blue light LED warm white light luminous efficiency promotes upwardly again, when the 4th season will reach each tile 170 lumina, after Taiwan will reach the electricity seal, the system ball soaks the lamp is 8.6 tile/luminous efficiency each tile 800 lumina, the product performance is defeats international big plant Phillips, Jingdian anticipated that this product 2nd season quantity will then produce.

To promote the Jingdian Leading Same business's technology to the outside, Li Bingjie will fly in the near future also with the Jingdian service manager to Japan participates in the LED international lighting techniques to unfold LightingJapan, snatches the international illumination factory greatly the new order form. At present the LED light bulb retail price still compared to province electric lamp bulb expensive several times, the professional estimated that in 2011 the LED price is 1 US dollar /250 lumen, when the enhancement luminous efficiency, lags behind the cost lead, the United States Department of Energy goal 2015 will be 1 US dollar /500 lumen.

The Jingdian internal estimate, hopes to shift to an earlier time achieves this goal in 2012, when 2015 challenges 1 US dollar /1000 lumen the level, shifts to an earlier time for 5 years compared to the DOE goal, therefore Li Bingjie shouts propaganda on the tail tooth to the staff confidence, if can achieve the customer to the quality, the price request, the company in 2013 will become whole world luminous efficiency first LED Corporation.

electron ballast

The electronic ballast (Electricalballast), is the ballast one kind, is refers to uses the electronic technology actuation electro-optic light, causes electronic installation which it produces must illuminate. What with it correspondence is the inductance type ballast (or ballast).

Modern daylight lamp more and more use electron ballast, facile exquisite, even may the electronic ballast and the tube and so on integrates in together,Mini Wireless Keyboard simultaneously, the electronic ballast usually may have both the splendor function, therefore may omit the independent splendor. The electronic ballast may also have multi-purpose, for instance may through raise the power frequency or the current waveform (for example turns square-wave) to improve or to eliminate daylight lamp's scintillation; May also cause the daylight lamp through the power source inversion process to be possible to use the direct-current power supply.

In the 1970s presented the worldwide basis energy crisis, saves the energy sense of urgency to cause many companies to devote to the energy conservation photo source and the fluorescent lamp electron ballast research, along with the Semiconductor Technology swift development,Patch Cord Manufacturer each kind of high back pressure power switch component emerges unceasingly, has provided the condition for the electronic ballast's development, in the late 70s, the overseas factory took the lead to promote the first generation of electronic ballast, was in the illumination history a significant innovation.

Because it has the energy conservation and so on many merits, has aroused the world enormous interest and the interest, thought that is substitutes for the inductance ballast the ideal product, afterward some famous enterprises threw in the suitable manpower,Cable Manufacturer the physical resource to conduct higher first-level research and the development.

Because the microelectronic technology progresses by leaps and bounds, promoted the electronic ballast to develop to the high performance redundant reliable direction, many semiconductor companies have promoted the special-purpose power switch component and the control integrated circuit's serial products, in 1984, Siemens developed TPA4812 and so on active power factor adjustment electric appliance IC, the power factor has achieved 0.99. Afterward some companies promote the integrated electron ballast one after another, 89 year Finnish Hull the Valee Company is also successful promotes the adjustable light monolithic integrated circuit electron ballast, the electronic ballast in the world specially is the developed country already nation promotion application.

 China is late to the electronic ballast's research development start, the technical beginning is low, the early time to this product's difficulty and the complex understanding insufficiency, the special-purpose semiconductor device development has not followed, the product quality cannot go through a strategic pass, moreover the market is not extremely standard, the massive low price tripe is thrown to the market, causes the consumer to sustain a loss, serious damage electron ballast image.

In the late 90s,electric welding machine manufacturer because the production level had the rapidly expand and the enhancement, necessary entered the mature stage from the circuit design to the electronic device, the quality product enters the architectural engineering, along with the Chinese green lighting engineering's implementation, will pave the way for the electronic ballast promotion application, the domestically produced electron ballast has will certainly to catch up with the international advanced level rapidly, held the small space in the competition international market. the fluorescent lamp, the sterilizing lamp electron ballast knowledge introduce with electronic ballast knowledge the :

The HID electron ballast use semiconductor electronic component, will direct current or the low frequency alternating voltage transforms the high frequency alternating voltage, the actuation low-pressure gas electric discharge lamp (sterilizing lamp), photo source work and so on halogen tungsten lamp electronic controls. What using is broadest is the fluorescent lamp electron ballast.

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